Prospective Students



Salem Community College has four terms -- fall, spring, summer I and summer II -- in which students can earn credits in a variety of formats. The fall and spring terms are 15 weeks long. Alternative formats offer flexibility in the scheduling of a course, in the method used to convey the instructional material to students and in the testing of their comprehension of the material.

Accelerated Sessions - Select courses are offered in ten weeks and seven weeks during the fall and spring semesters. Offerings may vary by semester.

Summer Sessions - The College offers summer courses to allow students to supplement their course work outside of the traditional fall and spring semesters. The summer sessions provide an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their credit earnings and to accelerate degree completion. Each summer session is 5 weeks long. At times, due to the nature of a course, a special section can be offered that will span both summer sessions and will be 10 weeks in length.

Various formats allow the College to increase its course offerings and expand access to courses as well as offering students more options and flexibility in selecting classes and achieving goals. Alternative sessions allow students to take classes either in the evenings, during the day, on the weekends, or in accelerated formats.